NUS Fencing Challenge 2010~ Day 1

Yohoo PEOPLE~~   Heh heh this is my first post and i am dedicating it to the NUS OPEN competition which seems most app since most of us fencers are involved.

Today we had our Individual event, which was held in the NUS SRC Sports Hall 2 (my god~ it is a very cold place *shiver*). The competition proceeds as follows, Men’s Epee, followed by Women’s Foil, Men’s Foil and Women’s Epee. Most of us qualified for the Direct Elimination Round, WHICH IS AWESOME PPL~ KEEP IT UP~!!! 

After all the gruelling hours of ripostes, parries and lunges, WE HAVE A WINNER~~   Our Josephine Yeo won us a Bronze Medal in the Women’s Foil Individual Event! NTU Fencing Club once again showed the others that we are united and every fencer in the club have the club’s support! *THUNDERING CLAPS AND ENTHUSIATIC CHEERING*  The day of competitive fencing had a motivating closing and our achievements will hopefully spur us forward for tmr’s TEAM EVENT!

Our day officially ended with a LONG-AWAITED DINNER ( trust me when we say that we ‘waited’ for this hot meal, we can hardly think of anything other than food nearing the end of the competition =p ) at the PIZZAHUT restaurant at Clementi. After all the pizza, pasta and CHEESE, we left for home and a good night rest.

*Yawn~* Sorry fellas! Gotta go sleep for tmr’s team event! GOOD NIGHT AND SWEET DREAMS~~ I will update u guys about tmr’s event yea?! CHEERIOS~


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Stepping down of the current committee.

Hi guys,

It is time for the current fencing committee to pass down to the next batch, so we are having an outing to celebrate the birth of a new committee  along with the glory of the previous (current) one. The passing down event would be held on the 27th of February 2010 (Saturday), at a resturant called the ‘The Vines’, which is opposite the famous Novena Church. Please pay $25 (nett) to Yvonne, and the remaining amount will be subsidized by the club.

Thank you!

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Jue Hui’s Birthday

Just a gentle reminder: Jue Hui’s birthday is coming up really soon on the 8th of August, and members of NTU fencing are all invited. Hence, please ask Jue Hui on how to go if you are attending!

Seeya there!

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Fencing Club meets the Animals

Our outing to the zoo could be defined as unusual, as most of us shouted and wreaked much more havoc than the animals themselves, therefore making us look more like animals than the animals themselves.

We watched the animal shows, visited and seen the animals and had lots of photos taken along the way.

Here are just some of the photos taken

It may seem to you that a bunch of 20+ year olds going to the Zoo is lame and boring, but it is the company that we have that had made this outing extremely unusual, fun and definitely entertaining.

PS: I especially loved the time spent with the baboons.

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Congrats to our Women’s Foil Team!


Our women’s foil team has got a sliver medal in the recent Pestasukan Team Event for the Year 2009!

In additition to that, we all had great fun and it was extremely heartening to see almost everyone coming down to support one another. The other teams worked hard too, and their effort is definitely worth praising!

Here are some of the photos:

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Calling out to all freshies!!!

Starting school soon? Want a CCA that is something more than what you usually join ?


No worries that you are not a sporty person,  have no basics in any form of sports, or have been playing another sport for a long time, or better still, haven’t joined a CCA once it wasn’t complusory.

Most of us come from different backgrounds,and it varies from swimming coaches to business students to even uprising engineers! Most of us have no piror experience to fencing, and joined thinking it was an interesting sport, little knowing that we would develop a passion for it.

No doubt that the sport itself is the essence to the club, but it is the people who makes up the club whom would paint and develop it to what it is today,and

tomorrow, with you in it.

No worries of commitment if you find that it is not your cup of tea after a while, come join the introductory course and discover what fencing actually is.

If you are actually interested to see and would like to enquire more, do not hesitate to contact us by

  1. emailing us at
  2. leaving us a message at our facebook :
  3. come down to our booth at the CCA recuitment fair or whenever you see anyone fencing

Our trainings are on thursdays and mondays at the NTU Sports and Recreation Centre , and are on even during the holidays. Please feel welcome to come down to take a look!!!

Seeya soon!

We await you.

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Despite the frequent trainings, we still made a point to meetup outside, and we have tons of photos to prove it!!!

Outings at the new Ion,Outings at Steamboat and Macs, Escape and many more!!!!


Please do not forget this is on top of the supper sessions we have after every training!

There are so many more outings and the amount of photos are overwhelming… More are sure to come and do check for more updates!!!


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